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Urpla builds software that makes the town planning development application (DA) process simple for both industry and council from the initial research through to the final decision.

The founder and I started with a concept at the beginning of 2019 and grew the business to a team of 10 and decade-long contracts.


  • Democratize planning
  • Reduce the mundane, tedious jobs of report writing and amalgamation of data
  • Create one standardized source of truth


  • Modern Angular web application
  • GIS web service to identify sites and intersecting overlays
  • Rules engine web service to determine assessments based on user inputs
  • Word & PDF document generation web service
  • Browser automation web service to fetch data from government web services and websites (if APIs were unavailable)
  • Highly available, serverless CRUD web services deployed to AWS to interface with a NoSQL database


We leveraged Angular Material (opens in a new tab) components to reduce build time and ultimately time to market.


  • First town planning software to map the entire process from research to decision
  • Reduced the entire process's time by 75%-90% (40hrs on average)
  • Minimised double handling and manual entry of data for council
  • Created one repository for development application data