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BooknBrunch is a community of book lovers that want to make connections in real life, usually over a meal (brunch).

I met with both co-founders in October 2018 to help them flush out their idea, the plan to monetize it and how to digitize it from its current working form. We created Invision (opens in a new tab) prototypes and ran user tests to eliminate design flaws. We then collaborated with a designer to produce high-fidelity designs before I executed a 4-month build of the MVP.


  • Build a community of people who enjoy reading, sharing and eating together
  • Let community members organize a ticketed event where they meet to share their thoughts on a book and enjoy a meal
  • Simple onboarding for hosts and venues to create their profiles and connect their bank accounts
  • Reward the hosts and venues for hosting with a major share of the profits from each event




  • Grew the community to over 3,600 members and built long-lasting connections
  • Hosted over 200 successful events at over 50 different venues
  • Handled payments for over 1000 tickets sold to members
  • Remunerated hosts and venues for their efforts in addition to the discovery of their business